Why Hire One On One Personal Fitness?

We not only care about achieving your fitness goals, but also about helping you understand the methods behind your training program. Exercise is not only a determined series of repetitive and vigorous actions but a learning process. Our personal trainers will teach you the proper techniques and explain what each movement does and the results you will see and feel.  By understanding the techniques behind your training plan you will be more successful in attaining your goals.

At One on One Personal Fitness Studio, we set realistic goals built around your lifestyle and develop training plans that allow you to gradually adjust to new exercise routines. This method keeps you motivated while obtaining the body you desire and teaches you how to maintain it.  

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One on One is a private, client based studio.

I've designed the Studio for you, my clients. I want you to feel as though you were working out at home... without the distraction. I continuously endeavor to provide new and innovative equipment and ideas for your fitness improvement. It is all about you.

Private Studio
No one serious about getting in shape likes the hustle of the "Mega-Gyms". Your work out is not a spectator event. It is between you and your trainer. Individual Sessions Unlike many trainers today, I don't group train. No one else has your body. You are unique and your work out should not be minimized, it should be maximized.

Weights/Cardio/Boxing I have used my vast experience and knowledge of what "Works" and what doesn't. I have everything we will need to get you into shape.

Dressing Rooms & Shower