If you had seen Anna when she first walked into One on One Personal Fitness Studio, you could never have imagined her transformation. She would have never been what you would think of as a Hard Body. But here she is. . . transformed! It is always a real treat for us when we exceed a client's wildest dreams. To see someone loose 42 pounds and drop five dress sizes is totally mind blowing.



One of the worst things you can say to a woman is. . ."you look good for your age". At 62, Anna proves you can look exceptional at any age.  She not only changed her diet & body. . but the way she thinks  about and views herself. As an 8th grade History teacher, she is accustomed to reading history. Now she has made her own. Truly inspirational!



Hard Body of the Year - 2008

Anna's Testimonial:

“A life changing experience”, these words are not used lightly.  When I speak of the day that I entered Tommie’s studio, little did I know what was about to take place. To be honest, I was meeting with him because I was beginning to slouch and I wanted him to help with my posture.  I was a size 14.  I wanted help with my posture?

Not only did my posture improve, my knee improved.   That size 14 body?  It is now a 4/6.  But that is not the story..that is the outward appearance..my body is the symbol of the me I have become at the age of 64.

Tommie helps you become the person you were meant to be, that you never dreamed of being.  Through working out with him, I gained confidence and self-assurance. He saw in me the person I am now, and he helped me grow and evolve.

It is not only the physical, but the mental and the emotional aspects of being. The young teachers ask me how I do it… I simply smile and think… ”Thank you Tommie!” I feel that I can accomplish whatever I set out to do! Maybe not bulletproof…yet!


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