Tommie Allen opened One on One in 1998 to provide an atmosphere that would lend itself to hard work, perseverance, and results. When you want to get in shape, you don't want to stand around waiting for the next machine, while you listen to your trainers personal problems. You want results. Here you are guarantied a goal motivated work out, set to a pace designed for your body. There is no computer telling me how to train you. Over the years, Tommie has successfully trained more than 500 clients with outstanding results. At One on One, you will realize the fruits of your work.

Tommie has a knowledge that only comes with experience. He is both innovative in his approach and tenacious his desire to help you achieve your goals. He will work one on one with you, to get the best for you. Tommie will work together with you to create the new you. As your trainer, he will keep you motivated when you think you can’t go on,and will be your greatest cheerleader when you achieve your goals. He'll push you further than you thought you could go, and you will overcome any limitation. Tommie Allen will help you create the body of your dreams!

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