• Susan R.
  • Bristol A.

I started training with Sean Phelan in June of 2009. I was apprehensive because I had not worked with a trainer before and didn't know what to expect. I should not have worried because Sean worked with me at MY level and increased intensity as I gained strength and endurance. He worked with me on adjusting my diet also, so that my body would respond better to exercise and weight loss.

I have since lost 41 pounds and gone down 3 sizes. I am enjoying having lots of energy and feeling fit. I don't mind looking in the mirror now. It is great to be able to wear "skinny" clothes again! I LOVE the compliments I get now on how great I look! I never thought I could be this thin and fit again! It amazes me even now!

I have exercised in other gyms and have NEVER gotten the results I have gotten by working with Sean. He offers variety so that exercise is never boring. He challenges me to work harder and increases the intensity of an exercise when needed. He encourages me and compliments me when I reach my goals. He is a great motivator!

I consider my time with Sean as time and money WELL spent! I hope to train with Sean from now on!

- Susan R.



"Why I Recomend Sean"

Trainer Sean Phelan has changed my life! I have been overweight (okay, "obese") for over half of my life. I became so overwhelmed with all my responsibilities of being a good teacher, wife, mother, daughter, mentor, that I finally gave up on losing the extra weight and tried to ignore it. Oh, I had tried almost every diet out there and even exercised for years. I might lose a few pounds, but I would quickly regain them, plus more.

I had a doctor's appointment for blood pressure medication refills. Of course the first thing they do is weigh you, and I was the heaviest I had ever been, and I could just see 300 pounds right around the corner! I was horrified! How did this happen? Was that really me in the mirror?

Two of my friends had seen great results with a personal trainer at One on One Personal Fitness, and that is what sent me there to seek an answer. My friend Susan's trainer, Sean Phelan, sat down with me and listened as I told him I didn't think I could do much since I had not "exercised" in a long time, but I was ready to do something. He directed my first workouts with things I was successful at, and gradually increased the variety of exercise and the weights I was using. He recommended the eating plan that my friends had seen dramatic results with, and I was determined that I was going to try to at least "be healthier." When the pounds and inches started dropping, I had energy that I had not had in years and finally began to believe that "maybe I really CAN lose all the extra weight!" After only five weeks of working out with Sean, I was able to discontinue one of my blood pressure medications (the expensive one!) My doctor has been excited for me and anticipates that I will be off all medications soon.

Sean is knowledgeable, supportive, and positive. He is not like the trainers you see on TV who yell at you! He demonstrates a new exercise by doing it himself and corrects my form if I am doing it wrong. He pushes me to do better and is always encouraging. He asks how the previous workout affected me and how I am feeling now, and he notes any problems. Really - he keeps a notebook and writes down exactly what I did and how I managed! Sean will take you and your medical issues and work with you from where you are at, and bring you forward! Sean gives me his undivided attention at One on One, which is small enough to be rather private, but at the same time, very well-equipped.

Sean has been working with me for a little over 6 months and I have lost 38 pounds. I have lost 3 pant sizes, and have asked "The Fat Clothes Store" to stop sending me their postcards, because I can shop like "regular folks" now! Best of all, for the first time in 30 years, my husband said "Hey! Your legs look great!"

I highly recommend certified trainer Sean Phelan to change YOUR life!

- Bristol A.


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