• Agnes C.
  • Karen J.
  • Isabelle B.
"My three times a week work outs keep me feeling great! One on One fitness was highly recomended to me, and I recomend it to you! Pat is a great trainer, and makes my workouts specific towards my needs and goals!"

- Agnes C.
“I am writing to give a testimonial regarding Trainer Pat Huff.  He has been my personal trainer for going on three years now.  He is fantastic at what he does because he pushes me to go further than what I would demand of myself.  He has made me realize that I am capable of doing a whole lot more than what I thought I could do in the first place.  When I first started working out with Pat I was about 30 pounds heavier than I am now.  My blood pressure and cholesterol were high and I had very low energy.  Now I feel lighter on my feet, both my blood pressure and cholesterol are in normal ranges, and I have a lot of energy.  Pat has helped me shed the excess poundage and build muscle at the same time.  Additionally my stamina has increased.  I have found I can now run up multiple flights of stairs without a problem.  When I have to miss a workout due to a conflict with my work schedule my body feels it because my body needs the workouts to help keep me fit and energized.  Pat is constantly changing up my workout routine and adding in something new to challenge me in a different manner.  This constant change helps my body keep on track and constantly build sleeker muscle.  When I began my workouts with Pat I could not do one traditional pushup without breaking into a massive sweat.  Now, I can do ten pushups before my body starts to break a sweat.  The musculature in my body has become more defined with Pat’s help and I can see and feel the results.  My clothes fit better and I feel stronger.  In fact I feel like I am in better shape now than when I was in my twenties.  Before I started working out with Pat I tried going to gyms and working out by myself.  I found that I would get into a dull routine and that I would not push myself to do more.  Pat provides that extra push for me to help me achieve my goals.  I am sticking with him.  Working out helps in all areas of my life.  Thank you Pat! Karen Akiens (Attorney)”
"I have worked with Pat for more than 5 years. He is a pleasure to train with and accomplish my goals. He knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. He makes my workouts fun, and I actualy, for once in my life, look forward to working out!"

- Isabelle B.