Personal Training Packages

1 Session: $70

12 Sessions: $600
(1 month @ 3 workouts per week)

24 Sessions: $1080
(2 months @ 3 workouts per week)

36 Sessions: $1440
(3 months @ 3 workouts per week)

48 Sessions: $1800
(4 months @ 3 workouts per week)

Located at:

14200 Stuebner-Airline Rd
Houston, Texas 77069


Telephone: (281) 678-4116
: (281) 397-9009


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The Plan of Action at One on One Personal Fitness Studio!

Success doesn't happen by chance... It happens because you plan.  
The Plan that works at One on One , is proper nutrition,  proper form, and proper intensity.

  • Proper Nutrition - I often compare your body to a Ferrari. Like that half million dollar finely tuned vehicle, you require the right fuel to perform at your best.

  • Proper Form - If you perform the exercise incorrectly;  your body will not conform. In other words, you will not achieve the shape you desire.

  • Proper Intensity - It is my job, my total responsibility to know how hard, how fast, and the intensity of any exercise for you to obtain your ultimate results.

These components are essential to attainment of your fitness goals.  If you skip any portion of this equation, you set yourself up for failure.

Getting Started...

Hiring a trainer is the best fitness decision you will ever make. I can help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently than you could on your own. Changing your body, means changing your lifestyle. This will require a tried and true plan.

Goal Setting
  • Fitness Appraisal
  • Diet Analysis
  • Program Implementation